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南亞裔人士支援服務 South Asians Support Services圖片

南亞裔人士支援服務 South Asians Support Services

本中心為觀塘區內少數族裔人士提供多元化支援服務,服務包括成長輔導小組、家庭服務、社區共融、義工訓練等。 Our centre provides a variety of support services for the ethnic minorities in the Kwun Tong District such as growth counselling services, family services, community integration and volunteer training etc.

成長輔導小組Growth Counselling Group

支援少數族裔青少年成長上的需要,如情緒管理、公民教育、升學及就業支援等,此外,我們亦提供多元化的興趣培訓班組給予少數族裔青少年,協助他們發展潛能。 We support the needs and growth development of ethnic minorities youths. For example, we provide emotional management, civic education, further education, and employment supports. Moreover, varieties of interest training workshops are here to assist ethnic minorities youths to develop their talents.
      成長輔導小組Growth Counselling Group圖片
社區共融服務Integrated Community Service圖片

社區共融服務Integrated Community Service

我們致力推動種族和諧共融的訊息於我們的服務中,讓青少年及社區人士對少數族裔有更多的認識,建立和諧共融社區。有關服務詳情可瀏覽http://www.kyit.sahkfos.org/emservice。We work to promote the idea of racial harmony in the service to allow teenagers and our community to learn more about ethnic minorities and develop a harmonious society.For more service details, please visit http://www.kyit.sahkfos.org/emservice.
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